Friday, March 30, 2012

1921 Canadian Census

The 1921 Cenadian Census will be released to the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) on June 1st, 2013 from Statistics Canada. According to the legislation, 92 calendar years must have elapsed before the census is releaded to the LAC. The records will be transforred to the LAC, and it will opened for public use.

The LAC says that it is their intention to make the 1921 Canadian Census available to researchers online, in the same format as previous censuses, as soon as possible after that date.

Here are a few facts about the 1921 Canadian Census -

It was taken on June 1, 1921

It is the sixth comprehensive decennial census to be taken since the creation of the Dominion

There will be five schedules with a total of 565 questions

241 commissioners and 11,425 enumerators were employed

The most important growth of the population was in the prairie provinces with 47% since the 1911 Census


the overall population of Canada was 8,788,483 individuals.

If you would like to see the other census records, go to


CallieK said...

Can't come soon enough, especially the Western provinces!

LianneLavoie said...

Eeeeee I can't wait!!! Meanwhile the US gets their 1940 census in a few days! :( Jealous is me. I guess I should just be happy that I'll be able to see all of this census at all, unlike my descendants and the 2011 census...

Anonymous said...

I envy you. :) Too much personal data being released here in the US.

There are folks still around from 1940......

Edgar said...

Believe me, I think of the people that are old enough to have taken part in the 1941 census, this information will not harm them in any way that I can think of. Can you give me an example of what harm could come from it? I was in the 1951 census 60 years ago and I could care less about it. My concerns are staying alive and paying my bills.
All the best, Edgar

Beatrice Summerville said...

Glad to hear it! :)

Anonymous said...

As an avid genealogist, I am concerned that future Canadian Census records will be almost useless with the new regulations imposed by the Harper Government in which individuals do not have to answer questions.

I can't wait for the 1921 census to be released.

Anonymous said...

Do't hold your breath!! There are problems already with the minister in charge.T'was on TV yesterday. I Wouldn't be surprised if it's delayed and longer than we might think !! To bad!!!

Bill Robinson said...

Easy to encourage them with this.